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How Fake Reviews Are Making People Fool Who Shop Online

How Fake Reviews Are Making People Fool Who Shop Online

How Fake Reviews Are Making People Fool Who Shop Online

Nowadays there is a trend of online shopping, many of us like to shop online with ease, instead of going to the crowded offline market or bazaar. However, various types of fraud cases are also exposed from time to time regarding online shopping. Another news related to online shopping has surfaced, in which online fake reviews have been alerted.

Online customers shopping from Amazon e-commerce website are being fooled by a fake review being posted on various groups running on Facebook. This scam is being supported by many big and small companies as well as by businessmen, who depend on Facebook to reach the positive reviews of their projects to as many people as possible. These people have listed their products on Amazon so that they can reach up to Three Billion users worldwide.

How Fake Reviews are affecting Customer

According to a report by The Guardian on Saturday, these fake reviewers who supported Amazon Sellers influence customers by posting product related information on various Facebook groups.
Let the reviewers pay a price for a product and then fool Amazon customers by giving them the assurance that the product is real. But after getting a great review, the company that makes the product returns the price of its purchase and, at times, additional fees are also offered for this review.

According to the report, a brand name used by the Consumer Association of the UK (United Kingdom) is ‘Which?’ It says that almost all the Facebook groups watched it was active until the fall of the fall. Earlier this week, ‘who?’ Claimed that Amazon’s system is being hollowed out by a number of bogus four to five-star reviews given to these unknown brands.

The report further stated, Researchers analyzed the listing of hundreds of popular technological products and found that brands with names like “Itshiny, Vogek, and Aitalk” are occupied with top-rated items. Thousands of unreviewed reviews were found for these brands products.

Amazon and Facebook Policy

In October 2018, ‘Which?’ Had said that two big Facebook and some small groups whose members could be up to Eighty-Seven Thousand. These people were most involved in writing fake reviews.
Referred to Facebook, ‘Which?’ Was told, ‘We do not encourage people to promote the trend of fake user reviews. The groups that we found to be in violation of our policies have now been deleted. We constantly keep telling people that if someone broke our rules, then they should report such content to the reporting tool.

On the other hand, Amazon claims that it invests in important resources to save the integrity of the reviews on its website.

In the report, Amazon said, We have given clear party guidelines for both reviewers and selling partners and legal action is taken in addition to suspending, banning those who violate our policies.



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