Home Informative Google I/O 2019 – Big Announcements with Android Q, Pixel 3A Series

Google I/O 2019 – Big Announcements with Android Q, Pixel 3A Series

Google I/O 2019 Updates

Google I/O 2019 – Big Announcements with Android Q, Pixel 3A Series

Google I/O 2019 Event is starting on this Tuesday that is 7th May. In this annual event, Google CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Sundar Pichai can make big announcements. This time in Google I/O 2019, the company can make many big announcements including Android Q, Google Pixel 3A series, Google Assistant.

Mark Zuckerberg has focused on privacy at Facebook’s developers Conference F8 in the past few days. Google can also focus on privacy and security features this time. Also, focus on improving artificial intelligence and machine learning can be focused on. Let’s know about the potential big announcements in Google I/O 2019 Event.

Pixel 3A and 3A XL

This time Google will launch its flagship device Google Pixel 3 Series average-priced smartphone Pixel 3A and Pixel 3A XL. This smartphone will be launched on 7th May. The teaser of the launch of this series has been released on the Indian Leading E-Commerce website. Many leaks from Pixel 3A and 3A XL have been coming out for a long time. A banner is being played with ‘Something big is coming to the Pixel universe’ on May 8, in the information posted on the micro page of the e-commerce website.

Google’s Android Q

Google has rolled out two beta versions of Android Q in the past months. In the Google I/O 2019, you will get a preview of the full version of Android Q. Let me tell you that last year Google Preview of Android 9 Pie was shown in Google I/O, which was first introduced as Android P. According to the beta that has come to the end of the Android Q, users can get privacy control, dark mode, color timing in the smartphone as well as the Responsive sharing menu.

Apart from this, Android Q can also be developed for foldable smartphones. Apart from this, gesture navigation for pixel devices can also be fixed. Full updates of Android Q for pixel users can be rolled out in the coming months. Apart from this, users can also view features such as desktop mode.

Google Assitant and Lens

Every year Google improves its Artificial Intelligence Voice Assistance Google Assitant and Google Lens. These Artificial Intelligence Factors can be improvised even in this year’s Google I/O. Google Assitant’s direct combat is from Amazon Alexa. Due to the Google Lens, the smartphone camera has been converted into a powerful computer vision tool. This time it can be made even better. Apart from this, Google Photos can be made even better. This app can add new features this time.

Android TV and Google Maps

Google will not make much of a change in its Android TV. Last year, Google did not make many changes in its Android TV. In addition, many new features can be added to the Google Maps app. A recent Accident Reporting feature was rolled out in Google Maps. In addition to this feature, you will also be able to report traffic jams. Apart from all this, many more new features can be found in Google I/O 2019 Event.



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