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Oppo A5s Review – Display, Camera, Battery, and Overall Performance

Oppo A5s Smartphone

Oppo A5s Review – Display, Camera, Battery, and Overall Performance

Many smartphones have been launched in the massive Indian market under the average priced segment. Xiaomi, Redmi, Vivo, and Oppo have launched several such phones which come at low price with better features. One of these is Oppo A5s. So let’s check out Oppo A5s review.
This phone has been offered at almost Rupees 10,000. In the average price, this phone has a Dual rear or back camera and 4230 Milliampere Battery. These qualities are attracting clients towards themselves. But is it necessary that the smartphone’s features are good and the price is low, its performance is also good or not?
To know this we used Oppo A5s for some time and we are reviewing you here so you can understand whether this smartphone can prove to be the best bet for you or not.

Oppo A5s Design and Display

Its design so we had a red color variant of this phone. This phone is quite attractive in appearance. The back panel of the phone is glossy and has a horizontally dual rear camera. A fingerprint sensor is present on the right-hand side below this. DuDrop is given on its front panel. The power button is on the right side of the phone. At the same time, the SIM tray and volume buttons are also available on the left side. A little slippery to hold the phone without covering, but it can also be used without the cover.
However, the company has also provided cover for the phone box you can use it with the cover. Talking about the overall look, this phone is quite attractive.
Now let’s talk about the display, the phone has a 6.2 inches HD Plus display with an aspect ratio of 19: 9. The phone’s screen appeared very clearly when going to the sunlight. The brightness of the phone is also quite good. The phone’s display was quite bright while watching the video. We also did not feel any difficulty in touch capability. The phone can also be operated with one hand.
Now we discuss the Oppo A5s Software, Oppo works on Android 8.1 based on Oppo A5s ColorOS 5.2. This feature is disappointing because many other smartphones have been offered with Google’s Android 9 Pie at this price.

Oppo A5s Camera

If we talk about the camera segment, there is a dual rear camera in the Oppo A5s on the phone. Its primary sensor is 13 Mega Pixels with f/2.2 aperture. At the same time, the second sensor is of 2 Mega Pixels with f / 2.4 aperture.
We also told you in the 1st look that pics are very good in daylight. That’s right. However, we felt some difficulty in low light. That’s because speed decreases slightly while focusing at night. The HDR mode is also present in the phone. This mode works very well. Its shutter speed is quite good. But after zooming the photos, the pixels get torn apart. We all are interested to take selfies but this phone will not be able to give you a better result in this segment. However, the selfie may be quite good in light.

Oppo A5s Battery

It comes with a powerful 4230 Milliampere Battery. This feature can also be called the main feature of this phone. This is because the big battery is given on this phone which comes at this price. Once the phone is charged 100 percent, the battery can run easily for one and a half days. We charge the phone with a full charge and watch videos in it, play games and callings and messages on the phone. After this, the battery of the phone was Sixty Seven Percent. After this, we saw the smartphone in the morning even if the phone had Fifty-Nine percent of the battery. With this, it is clear that the battery optimization of this phone is good because it closes the background application running on the phone so that the battery does not cost much.

Oppo A5s Performance

This phone is equipped with 2.3 GigaHertz MediaTek Helio P35 processor. Also, the phone was launched in two variants. The phone has 2 Gigabit and 4 Gigabyte of Random Access Memory. At the same time, 32 and 64 Gigabyte internal stockpile is provided.
Now discuss the performance, while setting up the phone, call us a little slough. While typing mail id, the phone is a few sloughs. However, after this, the phone did not get any kind of hang issue. In this, we also play some racing games. During this, we did not even feel the problem of having a phone heat. However, the problem of having an Overheat or hang in any phone is known only in the long-term. Now come on its fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock feature. Both of these features did not disappoint us.
The fingerprint sensor is quite fast. Fast was also the Face Unlock feature, but a few seconds can be said of the difference.


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