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Google Down – Users faced trouble running Youtube

Google Down 404

Google Down: Users faced trouble running Youtube and Google services

Many popular services of tech giant Google-like Google-owned Youtube, Gmail, known technology company were down at night Google has confirmed this outage. Users of the United States, the United Kingdom (Britain) and other countries, including Asian country India, have also had problems using Google’s service. This problem came in both the smartphones and desktops users using Google’s service. However, Indian users have not that much reported about this, but this problem was globally seen in Google’s service.

Users or Clients have also had trouble using Google’s services such as Google Drive, Youtube, Google Search, as Google’s service was down. Although Google fixed it soon and released the official press note. According to Google’s ongoing media or press statement, it came to users because of the congestion of the blackout network.
Google said in his statement that we had to face high-level network congestion in the United States (USA) due to which many users of Google faced problems due to the use of Google Cloud, G Suite, Youtube, Google Drive, etc. Most of the users were getting the benefits of these services very slow. We believe we have found the root cause of this problem and have revised the service again.
According to Google’s statement, Eastern American users of USA had trouble accessing Google Cloud, Youtube and G Suite users at 4 o’clock (according to American time GMT 12 AM) service. However, at 4:30 PM (according to the US time) the problem encountered in the server was corrected.
After Google’s service was down, all users expressed their problems through tweets. Tweeting Google’s home appliance, Google Nest user, Danny also tweeted that because of the service down they are unable to turn on their Air Condition. Because Google Nest also works with the help of Google’s servers. And many users also tweeted about it on Twitter.


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