Home Tech news #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook: Why is this Hashtag trending on Social Media?

#AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook: Why is this Hashtag trending on Social Media?

Facebook #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook

#AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook: Why is this Hashtag trending on Social Media?

Facebook has been the target of people in general since a year ago’s Cambridge Analytica incident. From the last year information and data security leak incident, clients around the globe have been showing their anger against the social media company – Facebook. That’s why # AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook hashtag has been trending on Twitter from last few days.

Over 18 thousand Tweets have been made so far in which users are tweeting against big social media platform Facebook. This pattern is trending in India as well as in around the world. If you want to learn about the Social media marketing then you may follow that given article.

Many users are tweeting about the security and data privacy issue of this social media platform with #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook hashtags. Also, many users of Facebook are tweeting about Facebook’s algorithm updates, community standards, and different problems.

In the year 2019, “More than 540 million records of Facebook users were freely presented to Amazon’s Cloud Computing administration, as indicated by a cybersecurity research firm. A report out on April 4th by UpGuard said two outsider Facebook application designers posted the records on display, causing one more significant information break for the world’s greatest social network organization.”

The type of activity was also seen on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and some more platforms, the applications claimed by the company Facebook. Social media users are likewise tweeting about it. Users’ continuous tweets have made with #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook top pattern on hashtags. Let’s perceive what type of tweets people creating in social media platform Twitter.

With the trending hashtag #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook, a user tweeted “Those weird JenniferNSteve McAllister couples who share a Facebook account”.


One more user from Twitter named Gratchen Lynn, questioning the Facebook Community Standard, stated, “I have been in Facebook jail for the past 30 days because the word ‘cracker’ I used in the comment a year ago has been blocked by me as a hate speech”.

A Twitter user named Look 1 Animation wrote a tweet with trending hashtag “Because Zukerberg is a spy”.

Additionally, a lot more users have raised their voices against Facebook and are putting their voices on Twitter and some other platforms through the trending hashtag #AndThatsWhyIHateFacebook.

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